What’s in your pantry?

pantry ingredients organic

Hello Everyone! For my second post I wanted to first talk about what Paleo is? I realized I should have included that in the first post but I was just too excited to share one of my super simple recipes.

Paleo (Paleolithic) Diet is the oldest diet recorded. It’s the way our ancestors ate and its the diet our bodies were made to consume for optimal health and development. The Paleo Diet consists mainly of animal proteins, whole vegetables, whole fruits and healthy fats.

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1st Post!! Lunch time Tacos

lunch tacos lettuce wraps

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what is Paleo? What are some simple Paleo meals? Basic cooking questions, and how to cook a weeks worth of food in minimum amount of time. After sending them countless emails answering questions,  articles and recipes and things I find interesting in general I thought writing a blog may be a nice centralized location for all of this information.

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